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18 months ago, I was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnoea.

A person that snores is likely to have sleep apnoea. Your nose is restricted and then your mouth drops open and the snoring/restricted breathing starts from here. I went looking for solutions at the chemist. After some thorough research, I found a tape that goes across the nose and must be replaced each night, a mouth guard to set the jaw forward a bit, a nasal spray or surgery. None of which, guaranteed success.

Contemplating this information, with my elbow on the table, head in hand, it came to me, my hand was moving the skin away from my nose. This was easing my breathing in the nostril. My mind started ticking over, I began to experiment. To start with I used the cut down centre from my tow bar protector the BarGuard, which was prototype No.1. This proved to be a bit hard so I had to go for something a bit softer, a safe, closed cell foam. With all this unobstructed oxygen filling my lungs it solved the problems with air intake. Problem number one solved – The EzyAir.

Problem number two was my mouth dropping open, sucking in air, drying out my mouth and throat. The solution – The Chin Sling. Made from comfortable durable elastic, it gently keeps the mouth closed whilst asleep and stops the house vibrating with my snoring! I have a softer version of The Chin Sling for the more mature individual.

I have received many positive comments from people using my Snooze Well packs. These comments range from, “How much deeper and better their nights sleep is”, down to how “the regular use of The Chin Sling is reducing one lady’s double chin”!

As we get older, a lot of us get around breathing like goldfish, through our mouth. I use EzyAir for anything physical now, eg: Gardening, walking, even working out in the gym. EzyAir works like a snorkel, giving you unobstructed oxygen flow. I often only use one EzyAir during the day and one in each nostril at night. Try it for yourself, you will be amazed at the results, it feels like you get a new lease on life with all that extra oxygen flowing into your body.

From day one, the Snooze Well has taken a year and a half to evolve. A simple test to see if one can benefit from an EzyAir is to place your finger beside the nose and move the skin towards the ear. Should it be easier to inhale? If so, then an EzyAir will be a beneficial for you (this is the basic principal). In air conditioned environments, when your nostrils are dry, I put a little natural moisturizer on the EzyAir to make inserting them easier, once fitted, I find an extra half twist ensures a snug, comfortable fit and a deep, restful nights sleep. Enjoy!

Note: for an accurate description of snoring and sleep apnoea please check Wikipedia.

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After thorough tests this product has been renamed from Snooze Control to the Snooze-Well
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